Mentor Use

          We plan to use the mentor to answer our questions about the NBL pool and space. Going further in our project with Micro-g NExT, we realized that we need more information about space and the NBL facility. We believe our mentor will be able to give some information on these issues. Some examples of questions we have currently for our mentor are what the composition and material’s behavior in the NBL and in space. Will it be more dense in space or in the NBL. Can we use rubber in space or a latex material, and if so what kind of material do we have to use in space.  Is there someone that has been in space that we can talk to or if he has, and if they could answer specific questions about extracting sample in zero gravity.

            Besides using the mentor just for a Q&A discussion, we want to utilize his feedback on our numerous designs and redesigns. We are looking past the NBL training facility and making a more realistic prototype for space. We want input from a professional to steer our design in a more realistic and tangible product that one day be used on one of NASA’s several manned missions.